Idaho Potato Museum sign

Idaho Potato Museum: Idaho’s Shrine to the Almighty Potato

If French fries, potato chips, and hash browns cooked to perfection make your mouth water, a trip to the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho is an absolute must.

Idaho Potato Museum sign

Idaho’s long history of robust potato farming has made the state synonymous with the most delicious of all starches. Visitors can learn about how potatoes help bolster the world’s food supply by enriching the soil so that farmers can grow more crops.

Idaho Potato Museum

Visitors can also eat a potato flour cupcake at the Potato Station Cafe, shop for a poster of Marilyn Monroe clad in a potato sack at the gift shop, or have their photo taken next to a giant likeness of a baked potato. There is even a toy gun for sale in the gift shop that shoots potato pellets. A trip to the Idaho Potato Museum will give you a whole new appreciation for one of nature’s most hearty root vegetables.

130 Northwest Main Street
Blackfoot, Idaho, 83221
United States

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